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The first step to start contributing to our projects is to join our online community group (via 

We work to a Projects Calendar called Charity of the Month (CotM).  You can view the Calendar and choose what you would like to make and for whom.  You just work at your own pace and donate when you are able.  You can make items from the wish list of the charities or you can simply make what you enjoy making and when a charity comes along that needs that item then you can donate.  Members are free to use their own patterns, we do have lots in our files as well and there are any number of free patterns on the internet.

As well as the CotM projects we run extra collections for smaller charities or those who only require a specific number of a particular item. These collections (Challenges) often run over a few months and you can send your items whenever you wish as opposed to the CotM’s that have to be sent by a certain date.

Everything is done via databases.  Members add their details to the database of the charity they wish to support and on the 25th of each month I give out the mailing addresses and the details for the following months collections.  Then you have approx. 2 weeks to get your donation sent away.

We never send anything directly to the Charity.  We have a group member who is in contact with the charity.  Her role is to collect all of the promised donations, sort, count, photograph and then personally deliver to her contact at the charity.

We’re a friendly lot – there is always someone available to help with a pattern or advice or just a chat.  We also have social get togethers in various areas mostly on a monthly basis that you might be interested in attending.  A friendly cuppa and chat!!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  There is so much to gain from being a group member, like access to our pattern files and links to websites with free patterns and just to browse through our photo gallery is worth joining for.  It all probably sounds a bit daunting but once you get into it you will find that it’s easy and there is always help on hand if you get a bit lost.

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