You have 4 choices of email delivery – Individual Emails, Daily Digest,
Special Notices Only and No Email (you can read all messages on the group website at any time).
TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL DELIVERY log on to the group website and click on Edit Membership (just above the dark purple heading line).
Scroll down to Step 2. Message Delivery and click on your preferred choice. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes.

The Gift of Giving was written by Pam and contains important information about the needs and
‘rules’ of different charities — basically the do’s and don’ts of knitting for charity — plus some easy
patterns to get you started and other information like conversion tables for needles, hooks, yarns,
terminology etc.

From you can purchase the book in either printed form or
an eBook, by credit card or through PayPal.
Contact Pam to pay by Direct Deposit, Bank Deposit, Cheque or Money Order –

Make items you enjoy creating. It doesn’t matter what you knit or crochet we will find a needy person or animal to give it to.

There are many patterns in our Files and many links to patterns on our Links pages. If you are looking for a special pattern ask the group there is sure to be someone on hand who can help you.

You can donate your items either individually to a charity of your choice within your local
community or you can donate with the group through our Charity of the Month (CotM) projects.

Each year Pam makes up a Calendar of Charities we will be supporting as a group. You will find a link to the Calendar from our main menu.

Each month there will be a separate Database for the Charities for that month, to which you can add
your name if you would like to donate to that charity.

You only commit to making one item. If you would like to make more than one it is up to you. You can make as many as you wish, every item will be gratefully accepted.

When Pam announces that she has put up the database for the next CotM she will also tell everyone what is needed. This information will also be in the description of the database for you to refer to through the month.

Pam will ask for nominations during October/November of each year. From these she creates the Calendar for the following year. If, during the year, you hear of a Charity in need of help, you can contact Pam and work out a way of adding it to the Calendar.

Once Pam has created the database for the CotM you wish to help (she will send a message to the group), you can then add your name by going to the Database page, click on the Name of the Charity you want, then click on Add Record. You then fill in the information i.e. Name and Email Addy.
Click on Add Record again and your info will be added to the list.

On the 25th day of each month Pam will advise everyone of the mailing address to send your donation to. The address will be displayed in the Database – replacing the requirements for the Charity for your reference.
Send your parcel as soon as possible after you get the address — if you forget, you will get a reminder in a few weeks.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you share what you donate privately. There is a database available to record your private donations if you wish to share.

We have yet another Database called Meeting Dates where you will find a list of meetings. If you would like to attend one of them please contact the relevant members from the list. If there is none in your area but you know there are other members close to you, you can arrange with them to meet at any time – just make a request to the group and ask interested members to contact you on your personal email. If you decide to have regular meetings add the info to the database for new members to see.

Wangaratta Woollen Mills will sell bulk yarn to group members from their Bargain Shop.
Acrylic yarn is $12 per kilo, Pure Wool is $26.40 per kilo — prices subject to change of course.
Postage is around $10 for 5kg (approx $1.40 per 100gm on a 5kg purchase). When ordering ask Carol to choose the colours, tell her what you will be making and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
Please remember that this is their remnant yarn so at times they may not have what you want – it is just what is available from the shop at the time.
CONTACT — Carol, Wangaratta Woollen Mills, phone 03 5721 0811

As a group we have decided on 25cm/10inch squares. There are patterns for 3 different types of square in our Files – Basic Square Patterns.
By keeping the squares the same size those of us who hate sewing them together can send them on to other members who will make up rugs.

From the group website, click on Photos in the Menu on the left-hand side of the page. From here you can view other members albums. To create your own click on “Create Album” – near the top of the right-hand side of the page.
Type in the name you would like to call your album, a short description and then click “continue” …. the next step is to begin adding your photos – just follow the directions.

The main rule in knit4charities is to have fun and to enjoy what you are doing.
There will be no pressure put on you to do any more than you are able. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind…..
From time to time we all tend to disagree about something.
If you have a problem with the comments or actions of another member please deal with it in one of the following manners:
1. Ignore the comments/actions – we are here to knit for charity so.. take your frustrations out by knitting a few more rows to help you to calm down.
2. Email them privately to invite them to discuss it further – be nice about it!
3. Email me so that I can act on your behalf.

Have your say by all means but be respectful when doing so.
DO NOT conduct a ‘cat fight’ through the group emails.
This not only gives new members to the group a bad impression but it also upsets other members who are not involved.

There is only one hard and fast rule in this group and it concerns privacy.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to give other members details to anyone!
Especially not to the media, without their permission.